Last  summer I was in South Africa and during that time I was able to visit three different cities, Cape Town , Johannesburg and Pretoria.I had an opportunity to witness the growing streetwear culture that exists in these cities and each city has its own identity. I won’t get into that now but from what I saw Johannesburg and Cape Town has more advanced streetwear culture. I managed to visit quite a number of streetwear stores  .The stores that I went to stock popular international brands,Adidas, Vans, Nike etc and local  streetwear brands.Here is my brief introduction to South African streetwear scene gathered from the two weeks that I was there. I’m going back this Christmas  and I hope to meet up with people involved in the scene and explore South African streetwear market.You can read about my trip HERE


Superbalist is an online store that sells most of the best streetwear brands with over a million subscribers.

This is my favourite  SA streetwear brand.They don’t have website but you can check their IG


Dipstreet is a sneaker and apparel store based in trendy Braamfontein district of Johannesburg, they sell major brands when it comes to sneakers Adidas, Nike ,New Balance and Rebook just to name a few.


Streetwear brand formed in 2004  that draws inspiration  primarily from games that were popular in South Africa at corner shops and arcades in the 80’s and 90’s.


Galxboy clothing is a high-end street fashion brand designed for young people who are bold enough to live our mantra, which is to be smart, retarded and ambitious.


SOL-SOL is a South African menswear label making good quality basics with a focus on fit, fabric and design.They walk the line between menswear and streetwear blending clean silhouettes with muted colour tones. And a combination of bold prints with subtle details

Fiction – Lies and Filth is an independent menswear clothing brand based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their focus is on quality garments and usually released in limited quantities. All of their products are made locally

Young Lazy.

Cape Town based label

Cape Town based skate shop that sell major international brands

Label that makes really cool bags.

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