Paralleling its views on the current societal state and the millennial generation, with the demeanour of the world in 1968 and the era of baby boomers, 3.PARADIS‘ Fall / Winter 2018 collection entitled ‘Each One, Teach One’ is an open reflection on the powerful voice and movement of a generation. Layered with references and symbols, 3.PARADIS’ collection is a poetic marriage of fabrics, finishes, shapes and details and heavily influenced by the 1968 youth counter culture and revolutionary ideas of the past and the present. It focuses on topics which transcend the notion of time – violence, oppression, freedom, power, unity, peace, love. ‘Each One, Teach One’ is not only an examination of the similarities between one era to another, but more so a prediction of the upcoming uprising of the millennial generation; a present day revolution.

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