NICCE is a London based streetwear label inspired by London’s culture. Nicce challenges the exclusivity of street style, bringing you contemporary, clean-cut and minimal designs.

This Thursday NICCE is set to launch its limited edition White Label series, pushing the boundaries of the brands current aesthetic for a more directional and fashion led offering.

Taking note from their roots in music, Nicce are launching a ‘White Label’ series in homage of the prestige of white label vinyl records. Produced in a limited run to generate buzz around a new track or single, white label vinyls have become a critical marker in the establishment of experimental and cutting-edge music scenes. Often one of the original pressings of a track, white labels have become highly sought after, collectable items.

Taking inspiration from this, Nicce White Label is an exclusive limited run capsule, released bi-annually, with a more trend focused approach while still taking the lead from functional and technical outdoors wear. The collection draws heavily on architectural influences and contemporary art, citing the works of South American artist Luis Barragan for inspiration for the bold, graphic angular cut and sew pieces in colour-blocked pastels. Coral, white and mint tones combine to evoke memories of late summer sunsets, seen across sweats and jersey to nylon jackets and ponchos, ensuring all bases are covered for the ultimate summer wardrobe.

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