3.PARADIS’ Fall / Winter 2019 collection entitled “Calaviñas” explores the feeling of Nostalgia or the joy of being sad.
Artistic director, Emeric Tchatchoua pays tribute to the past in the form of destruction of the present, and expresses his views on the concept of nostalgia as a reminder of the slow tragic dimension of human life: Time passing by and not coming back.
Layered with references, double entendre and symbols, 3.PARADIS’ collection is a poetic marriage of fabrics, finishes, shapes and details, heavily influenced by the idea of mixing the sweetness and the pain of memories, overlaying images and a confrontation between existence and inexistence.

While remaining true to 3.PARADIS’ aesthetic and fashion story telling process, Tchatchoua dives further into the mechanism of memory through the realm of abstract designs as he mimics in the present state, the engram from the past.


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