A new concept store GATE19 recently opened in Berlin, GATE aims to raise the bar of Berlin fast growing fashion scene, with a selection of garments, footwear and accessories that spans from elevated streetwear to your favourite high fashion brands blending the opposite and creating the different, in the same way Berlin created and re created itself all over its tormented yet florid history.


GATE believes in the centrality of a space able
to foster and nurture a community. The physicality of
GATE represents the core of its existence from which
it explores our contemporary reality. It is a place of
passage, particularly of entry. It is a space that
invites the customer to understand the existence of a
connectivity in between the retail space and the city.

GATE 194 has a showroom and exhibition space that connects the store with the community and the companies. Brands and artists can use this space during any time of the year, launching, collaborations, books, magazines. The room also works as a temporary showroom and as an installation space. Currently Studiolil_ have an installation titled “Safe House”

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