Eastwood Danso founded his eponymous label before he’d broken through the shackles of school education. His designs are rooted in his interest in creating a visual commentary on heritage, politics, and identity.

Exploration of the self is key to AW20, from flesh and bone to the mind and senses. Danso is captivated by the symbiotic relationship between our own self-view and other people’s view of us. He believes the foundations for self-growth are rooted in the people we surround ourselves with, our identity is fluid – created not just by our actions but the actions of those we hold dear.

Religion has been a key part of Danso’s life – attending church is an abiding memory from his youth, but that’s not to say this collection is overtly religious. Rather the idea of rebirth – taken from his father’s born again Christianity has been a source of inspiration to him. The leaving behind of a past life is mirrored in the fusion of tailoring and leisurewear, many of the clothes he has created are an alteration on a traditional trope, no longer fitting into a known category.

Danso is proud of his continued collaboration with Converse, as he presents conceptual takes of the brand’s classic silhouettes, like the recently reintroduced Pro Leather, in his AW20 show. 

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